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Welcome to my little webshop

It took me quite some time but here it is:
My little webshop. 😀
I tried to keep it as English as possible. If you need some help with the translation, here are the most important words to follow through the ordering process:



After you chose an article „In den Warenkorb“ means „add to cart“. The cart is on the upper right sight.

The drop down let you choose „Warenkorb anzeigen“ means „view cart“ or „Kasse“ means „check out / payment.

If you choose to view the cart there is a field for „Gutscheincode“ which means „voucher code“ – here you can add a discount code – confirm with the button on the right which says „Gutschein anwenden“. If you have goods over the minimum account in your cart it shows the new prices. But you can also do that during the payment process while checking out by klicking on the blue bar.
If you want to delete an item from your cart press the red „X“ and reload with „Warenkorb aktualisieren“ means „update cart“.

If you are ready to pay „weiter zur Kasse“ means „continue checking out / payment“.
If you have a voucher code you can enter it by clicking on the blue bar above the address fields. By entering all your data you don’t create an account, your data will only be used for shipping and handling your order. The most necessary details will be handed to the postal service to get the package to you.
Vorname –> first name
Name –> family name
Firmennamen (optional) –> company name (optional)
Land –> country
Straße –> Street
Postleitzahl –> post code
Ort/Stadt –> city
Telefon (optional) –> telephone number (optional)
E-Mail-Adresse –> e-mail address
Zusätzliche Informationen –> additional information

After choosing how you want to pay you have to accept our terms of service by checking the box „Mit dieser Bestellung …“.

If you forgot to add something to the cart you can click on „Bestellung bearbeiten“ means „edit your order“.

To finally order click on „Jetzt kaufen // pay now“.


Thank you very much for reading this.
If you have any questions or need help you can always contact me via e-mail at


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